Core Policies

Policy Update 1/22/2015


1.    Usage priority is ALWAYS given to Waisman Center IDDRC investigators. 

2.    All users must acknowledge CMN Core support in publications resulting from use of the CMN Core facility.  For example:   "This study was supported in part by a core grant to the Waisman Center from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P30 HD03352)."

3.    All problems, conflicts and equipment related issues must be communicated immediately to the core manager (

4.    All UW users must be approved prior to the start of their projects.  UW researchers must submit a CMN Project/Safety Information Form, and CMN Funding Information PRIOR to the start of experiments. 

5.   All experiments involving unfixed human cell and tissue must be approved by CMN Core. 

6.   If applicable, the investigator must provide a copy of the project IRB approval letter PRIOR to the start of experiments.  

7.   Failure to follow CMN Core policies may delay the start of your experiment or result in suspension of use or services.

CMN Instrument Use Policies:

1.    Users must provide grant number each time they sign in to use a piece of equipment.

2.    Users must be properly trained to use equipment independently.   Contact core manager to schedule training.  Failure to complete core training will result in suspension of use.

3.    Users must immediately report instrument problems to CMN Core (in person if possible and by email certainly) and record issues in the daily sign in sheet.  Failure to do so may result in suspension of use.

4.    Users must immediately report inappropriate usage of CMN instruments to CMN Core (in person if possible and by email certainly) and record issues in the daily sign in sheet.  Failure to do so may result in suspension of use for persons involved.

5.    Users can sign up IN ADVANCE for a maximum of three -4 hour- segments per week on any instrument (during business hours of 8am-5pm M-F).

6.    Users can sign up for a maximum of -4 hours- if that time is available during business hours.

7.    There are no time restrictions for off-hours usage (between 6pm -7am on nights and weekends).

8.    Cancellations must occur 48 hours prior to assigned time or you will be billed for your time.

9.    Billing on instruments occurs either in 15 minute increments or on a ‘per run’ basis.

10. Preapproval must be obtained from core manager for longer experiments and if grant deadlines must be considered.

CMN Core Service Policies:

1.    The first hour of project discussions will not be charged.  After this, project development charges will be billed at an hourly rate ($75/hour).

2.    Unless otherwise directed, users will be billed monthly.  

3.    The CMN Core will provide project methods advice but is not responsible for final methods determination. 

4.    The CMN Core determines maximum number of samples on a per project basis.

5.    All CMN Core service projects involving human samples must have UW IRB approval.  The IRB approval letter must be submitted to the CMN Core prior to sample submission.

6.    All samples submitted to and prepared by the CMN Core will be kept in the CMN Core through the end of the project.  Each PI is responsible for removing their samples two months after the project is complete or the CMN Core will charge for storage space until samples are removed.