Usage Fees

Beckman L-70 Ultracentrifuge


Fee* (Per Hour)

Zeiss Axioplan 2 Photomicroscope/ Axiovision
Zeiss Axioplan 2 Photomicroscope/ Stereo Investigator
Nikon C1 Laser Scanning Confocal microscope T635b $60
Nikon A1R-Si Laser Scanning Confocal microscope T633 $60
Leica LSI MacroConfocal  T633
Perkin Elmer Operetta  T635 $60
BD FACScalibur T633
ABI ViiA 7 real time PCR (384/96/TLDA)   T635  $60/run
ABI 7500 real time PCR (96 well plates)   T635  $50/run
LI-COR Odyssey Phosphorimager T635
GloMAX Multi PLUS Plate Reader T635   $45
Microm HM505 Cryostat T635   $35
CMN Core Technical Assistance
CMN Core Consultation and Instrument Training T605
MJR PTC200 PCR machine   T635 NC
VersaMax Plate Reader  T635 NC
Beckman L-70 Ultracentrifuge  646  NC
TC10 Cell Counter  T635 NC
Speed Vac
 T635 NC
REVCO -80°C and -20°C Chest Freezer  T629 NC
Lab Supplies
GeoSpiza GeneSifter software
Floating license DI
CMN Core iPSC Service

* unsubsidized charge, NC: No charge to use, DI: rate determined individually, 07/06/10.

All users must acknowledge CMN Core support in publications resulting from use of the CMN Core facility. For example: "This study was supported in part by a core grant to the Waisman Center from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P30 HD03352)."