Cellular & Molecular Neuroscience Core (Under Revision)

The Waisman Center is a comprehensive, multidisciplinary center at the University of Wisconsin-Madison devoted to the advancement of knowledge about intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and neurodegenerative diseases. The Waisman Center is a fully integrated program that supports investigators conducting biological and behavioral research on IDD, trains students and junior scientists in fields relevant to IDD, trains clinicians and provides clinical services for persons with IDD, and conducts continuing education and technical assistance programs.

The objective of the Waisman Center's cellular and molecular neuroscience (CMN) core is to support the research objectives and scientific progress of investigators both in-house and across campus. The CMN core provides services and specialized equipment to perform cellular and molecular neuroscience research on human and animal tissues. We provide experimental design consultation and training on our equipment. The CMN core focuses on fluorescence quantitation and image analysis (Confocal and fluorescence/brightfield imaging, Stereology, Flow Cytometry, phosphorimaging, and real time PCR). In house we also support the production of induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells from diseased patients. The CMN core provides genomic and proteomic analysis by enabling user access to other campus cores including the UW Biotechnology Center (UWBC) and the UW Comprehensive Cancer Center (UWCCC) in a subsidized partnership for IDDRC users. Thus the CMN core facilitates exploration of gene expression technology (NexGen, Gene Chip Analysis at UWBC), Mass spectrometry, genomic analysis and DNA synthesis/sequencing (UWBC), and small molecule screening (UWCCC).

IDDRC users receive substantial subsidies to use this equipment.