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Matthew B. Winn, Au.D., Ph.D.Matt Winn
(Research Associate)

Experience in playing and recording music as an amateur musician has driven my passion for hearing science and the study of speech perception. I am particularly interested in how listeners decompose multiple aspects of speech sounds, and how people can process speech differently depending on their hearing abilities.

I graduated from the University of Delaware in 2005 with a B.A. in Psychology and Philosophy, and a minor in Linguistics. At the University of Maryland I received my Doctor of Audiology degree in 2010 and received my PhD in 2011. I have worked as a researcher at the Center for Advanced Study of Language, and as an audiologist at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Washington DC. In graduate school, I participated in work with Sandra Gordon-Salant and William Idsardi, and then finished my PhD work with Monita Chatterjee in the Cochlear Implants and Psychophysics lab. All of these experiences have shaped my long-term research goals of better understanding how people overcome various challenges (such as hearing impairment, language barriers, cochlear implantation, etc.) while listening to speech.

I am currently interested in three broad topics. The first is how to best measure (and improve) the quality of sound delivered through cochlear implants using sounds relevant to speech perception. The second is to measure how well people can use input from two cochlear implants to form coherent perceptions of speech. Finally, I am interested in the measuring speech sound decomposition in the young developing language learner, and how individual differences in this ability can signal later outcomes in language development.
Starting in the Spring 0f 2012, I will be a member of both the Binaural Hearing and Speech Lab and the Learning to Talk / Phonology labs at the Waisman Center at the University of Madison-Wisconsin.


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