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Matthew B. Winn, Au.D., Ph.D.Matt Winn
(Research Associate)

I am a postdoctoral researcher with training in clinical audiology, hearing and speech sciences, and linguistics. I graduated from the University of Maryland with my Au.D. and Ph.D. and joined the Binaural Hearing and Speech lab in 2012.

My research focuses mainly on perception of speech, and how that is affected by hearing impairment. Additionally, I am interested in measuring listening effort, and developing ways to evaluate new hearing technologies in terms of their ability to reduce listening effort.

My current projects are focused on:

  1. The effect of spectral resolution in hearing and listening effort
  2. The role of pitch cues in separating speech from noise
  3. The benefit of predictable context in reducing listening effort
  4. The benefit of bilateral vs. unilateral cochlear implantation
  5. The relationship between phonetic cue weighting and listening effort

Other projects include work on spatial hearing, auditory context effects, psychoacoustics, and word recognition by children with autism. In addition to my work with the BHSLab, I also consult with the Learning to Talk lab (PI: Jan Edwards) and occasionally with the Infant Learning Lab (PI: Jenny Saffran) and the Language Processes Lab (PI: Susan Ellis-Weismer).

I am heavily interested in data visualization, and use R for my visualization and statistics. I am always excited to learn new techniques to effectively communicate ideas.

More information can be found at my website mattwinn.com.


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