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Donor Stories

A rare gift: Family endows professorship in memory of childrenJenni and Kyle
In their photographs, Jenni and Kyle Geurkink look like happy, healthy children. Jenni has a captivating smile and a twinkle in her eyes. Kyle is a sturdy toddler who loves brooms, mops and any occasion to laugh. “They were regular, healthy children, who were meeting all of their developmental milestones,” she says. “There was no reason to think anything to the contrary. We had no idea what was coming.” Read more » 
The Stockers$1.25 million legacy gift will support brain injury research at the Waisman Center
A new legacy gift will help researchers and clinicians at the Waisman Center continue to search for ways to benefit individuals and families whose lives have been impacted by brain injuries and developmental disabilities. This significant gift comes from Richard and Johanna Stocker, who recently made the decision to include the Waisman Center in their trust for an estimated $1.25 million. Read more » 

DanThoughts of Gratitude: Dan Campbell
There are Stray Cats in the Waisman Center. Painted by Dan Campbell (pictured above), these eight felines welcome visitors from inside their framed canvas home. Other paintings by Dan are spread across the Waisman Center as well, Opening Doors in the Waisman Center business office and Bluebird in Associate Director Jody Bleck’s office. They liven up the building, adding colorful stories to the calm beige walls. Read more » 

BoyThoughts of Gratitude: The Rijkaarts 
Jelte Rijkaart is 10 years old, with a ready smile, dark brown hair and warm brown eyes. He enjoys hanging out with people, especially his brother Roan. He is passionate about clocks—he has a wall dedicated to cuckoo clocks—and enjoys all sorts of movies about clocks on YouTube. Jelte also has Alexander disease, a rare, progressive, and ultimately fatal neurodegenerative disease. Read more »
Dave and Su-ChunThoughts of Gratitude: David Busta
As basketball season gathers steam (go Badgers!), one small town in northern Wisconsin will be buzzing with excitement about a different basketball tournament on the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Now in its 13th year, the David Busta Basketball Tournament and Silent Auction brings together hundreds of people in Chetek, WI, and has raised more than $400,000 to help further the research of Su-Chun Zhang, MD, PhD, at the Waisman Center. Read more »