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Statewide Leadership for Youth in Transition: A Person Centered, Asset-Based Community Development Approach
Potential Roles for Title V CSHCN Program
This 48 page report summarizes the conceptual design of the Wisconsin Healthy and Ready to Work Project, briefly describes how the project implemented that design, and offers tips and lessons learned that State CSHCN programs and others interested in youth transition can adapt.
No Cost.
Download - 52 sheets of 81/2 X 11 pages - PDF  document
Transition to Adult Health Care: A Training Guide in Two Parts

This training guide is intended to serve as a framework for anyone interested in helping young people with special health care needs and their parents prepare for the transition to adult health care. The Maternal and Child Health Bureau of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services defines a child with special health care needs.
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Download - 52 sheets of 81/2 X 11 pages - PDF document


Stories of Transition to the Adult World - (HTML version)
The road to adulthood is rarely smooth, even for young people who have had the best possible preparation. When a young person has a significant disability, that journey can be even more challenging. Work experiences can be harder to come by and require more support. A young person may have to learn how to manage medications and talk to doctors along with learning how to cook and balance a checkbook. Inadequate transportation and long county waiting lists further complicate the ability to live and work in the community.
No Cost
Download - 11 sheets of 81/2 X 11 pages -PDF document

Caleb's Story 
An 11-minute video developed in partnership with Wisconsin Council on Developmental Disabilities and Wisconsin Coalition for Advocacy, highlighting the work and home experiences of a young man with very involved health, cognitive and physical disabilities. It includes footage of him at work in the community, shopping and traveling in the community, and at the home he purchased. Discussion questions included. DVD and VHS format: DVD $20, VHS, $15. DVD also includes Legal Decision-Making video and handout at no additional charge.

Audio descriptions and video downloads click here

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Safety Awareness for Empowerment 

An eight-module curriculum to teach self-care and community safety skills to youth, particularly those with cognitive disabilities. Includes handouts, graphics, a board game. Topics include staying home alone, safe relationships, avoiding victimization, sexuality, first aid and self defense.
319-page training guide, now available on CD.
Cost is $10, including shipping and handling.

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The Power of Peer Mentoring

The Power of Peer Mentoring is a guide to developing a peer mentoring program between youth with special health care needs and young adults who have similar special health care needs and/or life experiences. Included are guidelines for setting up a mentoring program, sample marketing materials and helpful tips for success. Cost: $10, includes shipping and handling.

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Download - 88 sheets of 81/2 X 11 pages -PDF document

Youth As Partners

Youth as Partners is a training curriculum that helps adult organizations more meaningfully include youth with disabilities as full team members and active participants in community organizations, decision-making councils and policy-making boards. Included are modules on the disability culture, the youth culture, and creating active partnerships with youth.
Cost is $10, including shipping and handling.

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Download - 84 sheets of 81/2 X 11 pages -PDF document

Youth Fact Sheets

Youth Fact Sheets are a series of six fact sheets developed and edited by youth with special health care needs. Topics include planning for technical or 4-year college, how to get supports in the workplace, how to be involved in the Individual Education Planning process and others. The series is free.

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Whose Life Is It Anyway?
How One Teenager, Her Parents, and Her Teacher View the Transition Process for a Young Person with Disabilities
  This publication is a unique exploration of the emotions and relationships between three key transition partners: Becky, the youth; her mother and her teacher. It includes talking points for group discussion about relationship building and best practice in adolescent transition. Outcomes include helping all partners raise expectations about what youth with special health care needs can achieve, how to meaningfully involve youth in the process and ultimately, how to better understand each participant’s perspectives. Co-authored by national trainer Janice Fialka; Martha Mock, University of Rochester; and Jennifer Wagner Neugart of the Waisman Center.  
Cost is $10.00
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