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National Medical Home Autism Initiative 2004-2008
University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities
University of Wisconsin at Madison

Cover of the Medical Home Services for Autism Spectrum Disorders
NEW! Medical Home Service System Guidelines for Autism Spectrum Disorders

The National Medical Home Autism Initiative, founded as a cooperative agreement by the federal Maternal Child Health Bureau, is a national technical assistance, resource and advocacy project designed to promote methods that will improve the capacity of the medical home and early intervention community to identify, appropriately serve and integrate children with autism into their communities.


The primary purpose of the project is to identify and demonstrate how principles of the medical home can be applied to achieve early identification and intervention for children with autism spectrum disorders.


Goal 1:

To develop partnerships with primary care practices that promote developmental surveillance of all children within the medical home practice - giving particular attention to referral and coordination of services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The partner sites provide hands on experience and information to NMHAI regarding strategies that successfully improve the quality of services available to their patients as the identified key functions are incorporated into and /or reviewed by the practice

Objective 1A:

To identify and support a minimum of five primary care practices in order to apply concepts of the medical home to promote developmental surveillance, referral to intervention and coordination of services for children with ASD.

Objective 1B:

To coordinate our efforts with other national and state level medical home and/ or autism (ASD) initiatives and organizations


To enhance the capacity of providers and consumers, throughout the nation, to understand and apply the principles of the medical home and service options for children with autism and their families

Objective 2A:

To create an infrastructure to enhance the capacity of primary care providers and consumers to understand and apply the medical home principles and medical services necessary to meet the needs of children/ individuals with autism and their families.

Objective 2B:

To develop resources for primary care providers that include strategic reports, training options and technical assistance strategies. To enhance the capacity of national, state and local programs that support and assist service providers and consumers in the development of primary care medical home services for children with autism and their families.