Increasing opportunities for inclusive postsecondary education for people with intellectual disabilities.

Welcome to the Think College Wisconsin website! Efforts are unfolding across the country to increase and expand upon postsecondary education options for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In Wisconsin, the demand for college is growing and pockets of people across the state are discussing how to develop programs in their own communities. This website serves as a tool to inform, connect, and support people involved in these efforts. Explore the site, read the state plan, and register for the listserv. It's time to THINK COLLEGE.

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Tyler, who is set to graduate Fall 2014, is currently a student at Edgewood College through the Cutting Edge.  Despite his long struggle against cancer, deciding whether or not to go to college was never a questions for Tyler.  He always knew that it'd be important for him to experience "the college life." Read more here.


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To ask a question about college, email We welcome questions from anyone interested in college--high school and college students, family members, teachers, and professors. 

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"Ask Abby is a way for students with disabilities to get their word out to others. Since I have experienced going through college with a disability myself, I want to help others be successful in college too.  It's also important to want to help others discover their dreams.  A first step can be thinking about going to college.  So if you have questions regarding college, ask away!"  --Abby Tessman, MCH Lend Trainee with Think College WI