University of Wisconsin–Madison

Expressive Language Sampling in Down Syndrome

PURPOSE: To learn more about how spoken language samples can be used to measure change over time in the spoken language, problem solving, and behavior of individuals with genetic syndromes. In the future it is possible that measures of spoken language production may be useful as one way to learn whether different medications can help individuals with genetic syndromes to learn and use language more effectively.

WHO: We are looking for boys and girls aged 6 to 23 years with Down Syndrome.

WHAT:  This is a longitudinal study which means we will ask you and your child to visit the Waisman Center three times over a 2-year time period.  At each visit, we will collect a language sample in three different ways; a conversation, looking at a picture book, and participating in a series of interactive activities with an examiner.  Additionally, we will ask you, the parent/guardian to fill out some questionnaires and participate in an interview about your child’s everyday living skills. You will be paid $50 for each visit as well as reimbursed for any traveling costs.

Please contact our study coordinator, Susen Schroeder, for information at 608.263.5145 or

Principal Investigator: Audra Sterling, PhD
Key words: Down Syndrome, Speech and Language Development