University of Wisconsin–Madison

Speech and Sound Reflection Study

The Vocal Tract Development Laboratory at the Waisman Center, directed by Dr. Houri K. Vorperian, is currently recruiting individuals of all ages to participate in a speech and sound reflection study. The lab is interested in characterizing the development of the mouth and throat structures in typically developing individuals and individuals with Down syndrome. The purpose of the lab’s research is to understand how changes in the anatomy of the mouth and throat affect the production of speech sounds.

This current study includes a hearing screening and having your voice recorded while repeating sounds, words, and sentences. Eligible participants may also be asked to breathe into a tube. The tube makes clicking noises to measure the inside of the mouth and throat. Participants with recent head or neck imaging (CT or MRI scans) are highly desired, but those without imaging may still
participate. Compensation is provided for participation. Study duration is 30-60 minutes.

You can view this study’s consent form as well as an informational flyer here:

Please contact the Vocal Tract Lab at 608.263.5610 or email if you have any questions or would like to schedule a visit.

PI: Houri K. Vorperian, PhD
Keywords: Down Syndrome, Infant and Child Development