Speech Development Study

Our current research study examines speech characteristics in young children. We are recruiting typically developing children between the ages of 2 ½ and 7 years to participate.

The information we gather from your child will be used to determine how intelligible the speech of typically developing children is at different ages.  We will use recordings of your child’s speech to help establish expectations for typical speech development.  This information will be compared to the same data obtained from a group of children with cerebral palsy, to help us understand the differences in speech characteristics between the two groups.

If you decide to have your child participate in this research he or she will be evaluated at the Waisman Center in a special sound room. Your child’s participation will last between 30 and 60 minutes and will be 1 session. During the session, your child will participate in several play-based activities designed to elicit speech. Your child will receive a small toy of his or her choice for participating and you will be paid $10.  In addition, you will complete a few short questionnaires about your child’s behavior and development.

For questions or additional information, please call (608) 262-2967 or email us at TDspeech@waisman.wisc.edu.

To enroll your child in this study, go to: http://go.wisc.edu/TDspeech.

PI: Katherine Hustad, PhD
Keywords: Speech and Language Development, Infant and Child Development