Fraction Understanding in 8th Graders

The Educational Neuroscience Lab and Mathematics Education Learning & Development Lab are working with the Waisman Center to investigate the development of fraction knowledge in children. Knowledge of fractions and mathematical competence are important determinants of life chances in modern society. Despite the importance of fraction knowledge, children and adults often encounter considerable difficulties understanding fractions. We are currently recruiting typically developing 8th graders enrolled in Madison area public schools to participate in our study.

Participation will involve completing 2 sessions that will take around 2 hours each. Session 1 will include a pretend MRI scan and some math and number tasks. If your child qualifies for Session 2, we will scan your child’s brain using fMRI while they complete a number task. Children may not participate in the brain imaging portion of the study if they have any metal in their body or experience claustrophobia.

For Session 1, children will receive $12 an hour (because the session is around 1.5 to 2 hours, children typically receive $18 or $24).
For Session 2, children will receive $50.

If you are interested, please call 608-263-4011 or email

PLEASE NOTE: If you are currently participating in the LAMBDA study with the Educational Neuroscience Lab, you are ineligible for participation in this study.

PI: Edward Hubbard, PhD & Percival Matthews, PhD
Keywords: Brain Imaging, Infant & Child Development, Education