Vowel Diagnostic Treatment in Down Syndrome

The Vocal Tract Development Lab at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison, needs participants with Down syndrome for a pilot research study. We have developed a diagnostic treatment study designed to improve vowel production in individuals with Down syndrome. This treatment may help to improve speech intelligibility, but its effectiveness has not been tested yet i.e. we are not sure this treatment works.

Our Diagnostic Treatment study is for boys with Down syndrome, between the ages of 7 -16 years old. It consists of:

    • An initial assessment of two or three sessions, which may last up to two hours each, during a one week period.
    • 12 weeks of speech therapy treatment, with up to three one-hour sessions per week.
    • Two follow up sessions after the 12-week treatment, at one month and six months, each lasting around a two hour visit.

If your child chooses to participate, they will undergo a brief hearing screening, complete speech-language assessments, and record their voice as they say words and sentences. Your child you will be asked to attend three weekly sessions of speech-language treatment with a speech-language therapist and her assistant(s) for 12-weeks, and also to complete a weekly homework assignment. In addition, you may choose to release medical records related to your child’s speech-language and hearing history. There is no compensation provided for this pilot research study.

Please contact Julie Eichhorn by phone at 608-263-5610 or email vtlab@waisman.wisc.edu for more information on this Vowel Diagnostic Treatment study.

PI: Houri Vorperian, PhD
Keywords: Down Syndrome, Speech and Language