How do little ears hear speech?

The Hearing Research Group at the UW Waisman Center is inviting children ages 5-17 yrs with no hearing concerns to participate in a research study. The study aims to understand how children’s brains process speech and how hearing loss affects speech understanding. The goal of the study is to improve clinical care, especially for those with hearing loss.

The study involves a hearing test, listening tasks and recording of EEG with 3 sticker-type sensors. All procedures are non-invasive, safe and used routinely in Audiology clinics. For children with normal hearing/no hearing concerns, testing will be completed in one to two sessions. Scheduling is flexible. Compensation is $10 per hour. Parking on-site is free.

If you or someone you know may be interested in signing up for the study or if you have questions, email us at Alternatively, you may enroll by clicking on this link:

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PI: Viji Easwar, PhD
Keywords: Infant and Child Development