Brain Imaging of Baby Siblings Study (Dean)

Are there differences in early brain development between children who have an older sibling with autism and children who do not have a close relative with autism? The Developing Brain Imaging Lab at the Waisman Center is investigating these differences using brain imaging and behavioral testing in the Brain Imaging of Baby Siblings (BIBS) study.

The BIBS study team is recruiting families with children between 1 and 24 months of age who either have an older sibling with autism or no first- or second-degree relatives with autism. Study activities take place over the course of a year. There are three time points, each six months apart, at which your child will undergo an MRI scan and behavioral assessment at the Waisman Center and you will fill out some online questionnaires. Participants are compensated $50 for each MRI scan and $50 for each behavioral assessment and set of questionnaires. You will receive a parking pass for the Waisman Center parking lot for free at each study visit.

If you or anyone you know may be interested in participating in our study and helping us learn about how the brain and autism develops, please contact the study team at the email or phone number below for more information:


Email is generally not a secure way to communicate sensitive or health related information as there are many ways for unauthorized users to access email. You should avoid sending sensitive, detailed personal information by email.

PI: Doug Dean, III, PhD
Keywords: Brain Imaging, Autism