Speech Studies for Adults (Parrell & Niziolek)

Niziolek Lab logo The Speech Motor Neuroscience Group is seeking participants who are 18-90 years old, have good hearing, and have no history of stroke, brain injury, or neurological disease.

Studies last 1-2 hours and can be scheduled at your convenience. The study consists of computer-based tasks in which you would speak, type, and listen to words you read on a screen. You may also complete a reaching task. You will be paid $15/hour for your participation in the project. These studies take place at the Waisman Center at UW–Madison.

Parrell Lab logoIf you have questions about the study, you can email us at speechmotor@waisman.wisc.edu.

If you already know you want to participate, you can fill out our interest survey online.

You can also visit our websites to learn more about our labs:

PI: Ben Parrell, PhD and Caroline A Niziolek, PhD
Brain, Language, & Acoustic Behavior (BLAB) Lab, Speech Motor Action + Control Lab
Keywords: Speech and Language