UW Madison Benefits Services

New Employee Benefits Enrollment:

    • Attend a Benefits 101 Session
    • eBenefits *Note that eBenefits is used for new hires and during the Annual Benefits Enrollment period for current employees. If you have previously worked at UW-Madison and had a break in service, you will be required to turn in paper forms to enroll in benefits. 

Benefit Summaries

Qualifying Life Events

Benefit Premiums

Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)

Paid Leave Benefits

Legal Holiday Schedule

*When a legal holiday falls on a Saturday, eligible employees are granted eight hours of floating legal holiday (pro-rated for part-time).

**When a legal holiday falls on a Sunday, the legal holiday is observed and UW-Madison is closed on the Monday following.

Due to varying business needs throughout UW, some employees may be required to work on a legal holiday. Employees who are required to work on a legal holiday, or if the legal holiday is on an employee’s regularly scheduled day off, will be granted a floating legal holiday. Please contact Waisman Human Resources in these situations at