Mandatory Training and Reporting Requirements

Required Training

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison
UW-Madison is committed to creating and maintaining a campus community that is free from sexual harassment and sexual violence. All employees are required to complete an online prevention education program called “Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW-Madison” within 30 days of a UW-Madison appointment. Compensation increases are contingent on completing this training.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act)
All individuals that work at the Waisman Center are required to complete HIPAA training within 5 days of their start date and on an annual basis. If you have any questions related to training, please contact Carrie Arneson, Waisman Center HIPAA Privacy Coordinator at

Mandatory Reporting Requirements

  • Wisconsin Statute § 36.11(22)(c) (applies to sexual assault)
    Any University employee who witnesses an act of sexual assault, or who receives a first-hand report of sexual assault from an enrolled student, must report that information to the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards, in the Division of Student Life. The Dean of Students, or designee, shall compile reports for the purpose of disseminating statistical information. Confidential employees, as defined in this policy, are only required to report the occurrence of the sexual assault and are not required to provide any identifying information or details about the individuals involved.
  • Wisconsin Executive Order #54 (applies to child abuse and neglect)
    As a UW–Madison employee, if, in the course of employment, you observe or learn of an incident or threat of child abuse or neglect, and you have reasonable cause to believe that child abuse or neglect has occurred or will occur, you are required by EO 54 and campus policy to immediately report it to Child Protective Services (CPS) or law enforcement. If the suspected incident or threat involves an allegation against a University employee or agent, or on campus or at a UW–Madison sponsored activity, you must also notify the Office of Human Resources, Workforce Relations. Employees who are mandatory reporters under Wis. Stat. 48.981(2)(a) shall comply with the requirements of the state mandatory reporter law. Employees who learn about child abuse or neglect in a healthcare setting should only report as permitted by HIPAA.
  • Conflict of Interest and Outside Activities Reporting
    All faculty (regardless of appointment), Academic Staff with 50% or greater appointment and all individuals listed as participants on human subject protocols or on federal grants are required to fill out an annual Outside Activities Report (OAR) and update whenever new outside activities are undertaken.