Performance Management

The Performance Management and Development Program (PMDP) is a centralized system for tracking and documenting activities and conversations required by UW–Madison’s performance management policy, providing the campus with greater consistency in how performance management is recorded.

Academic Staff employees serve a 12-month evaluation period and University Staff employees serve a 6-month probationary period. Supervisors are responsible for documenting a 30-day conversation, mid-probation conversation and summary probation evaluation within the employees probation or evaluation period. After the first year of employment, supervisors are responsible for doing a review every 6 months (mid-point and summary).

Performance Management Program:

  1. Expectations and goal-setting: An initial expectation and goal-setting conversation should take place with all new employees within 30 days of hire to cover the major duties of each position, work priorities, how successful performance will be evaluated, developmental needs and strategies to meet those needs.
  2. Mid-point Conversation: At the mid-point of the probationary or evaluation period and midway through each performance year thereafter. Academic Staff employees are required to serve a one year evaluation period and should have a mid-probation evaluation done after 6 months; University Staff employees are required to serve a 6-month probationary period and should have a mid-probation evaluation done after 3 months.
  3. Summary Evaluation: At the end of the probationary or evaluation period and annually thereafter. This conversation should, at a minimum, include the following:
    • Whether the employee’s performance met expectations
    • Whether the employee achieved annual goals
    • Professional development needs and opportunities
    • Options to develop additional skills and knowledge to foster career growth

The expectations and goal-setting, mid-point and summary conversations must be documented. Managers and supervisors are also encouraged to conduct regular informal conversations to provide coaching, feedback and support to employees regarding their work, needs and accomplishments related to the duties and expectations of their position. Informal conversations do not need to be documented.

PMDP Resources and Instructions

Performance Management Policy

PMDP Toolkit

PMDP Rating Scale

Thirty Day Conversation Job Aid

Mid Probation Conversation Job Aid

Summary Probation Evaluation Job Aid

Midpoint Conversation Job Aid

Summary Evaluation Job Aid

If you have any questions regarding performance management for new and/or existing employees, please contact Waisman HR.