Safety and Risk Management (Injury Reporting, Driver Authorization, etc.)

UW Risk Management
Includes risk management services such as Becoming an Authorized Driver, Worker’s Compensation Claims and insurance coverage for various activities, including International Travel and Events held on campus.

Workers Compensation
Worker’s Compensation (WC) is a State of Wisconsin statutory benefit program that provides medical treatment, wage replacement and other benefits to employees who sustain work-related injury or illness.

How do I report a Worker’s Compensation claim?
All work-related injuries and illnesses must be reported immediately.

 Employee must complete and submit the Employee’s Work Injury and Illness Report to their supervisor within 24 hours of the occurrence of injury or illness.

  1. Employee’s Work Injury and Illness Report Forms available in translation:
    Spanish/Español | Hmong/Hmoob | Tibetan/བོད་ཡིག |Chinese/中文
  2. Supervisor must complete the Supervisor Incident Analysis and Prevention Report and email the form with the completed Employee’s Work Injury and Illness Report, to their Waisman Human Resources Representative within 1 work day (8 business hours) of learning of an employee’s work-related injury or illness.
  3. Waisman HR will send the completed forms to UW-Madison’s Worker’s Compensation Coordinator.

Who is eligible?
Eligibility for Worker’s Compensation benefits is defined by WI Statute Chapter 102.07(4)(a). At the time of injury, there must be an Employer-Employee relationship, as defined by Statute, in order for benefits to be provided to the injured person. Persons who hold “Service Appointments” at UW-Madison are eligible for Worker’s Compensation benefits, as they earn wage compensation and are deemed to be employees of the University.

UW-Madison Employee Service Appointments eligible for Worker’s Compensation, include, but are not limited to the following: University Staff, Academic Staff, Faculty, LTEs, Student Employee positions, Research Assistants, Research Associates, Research Interns, Teaching Assistants, Program Assistants, Project Assistants and Postgraduate Trainees.

Persons at UW-Madison who hold Non-Service Appointments are not eligible to receive Worker’s Compensation benefits. Ineligible persons include, but are not limited to: Fellows, Scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, Postdoctoral Trainees and Student Interns/Trainees

Driver Authorization:
In order to drive an automobile for business purposes, drivers must meet the criteria to become an “authorized driver”, and understand the auto insurance coverage.

Get Authorized: Steps to complete to become an authorized driver at UW-Madison

Search the Driver Database: View and confirm authorized drivers who have completed the authorization process

Pre-employment Checks:
Departments needing to check driving record in pre-employment or post-offer situations should use the Pre-Hire Driving Record Check Form

Renewal, Expiration and Deactivation:

  • Student, Volunteer, Canadian and out of state authorizations will expire, if not renewed, within one year.
  • All drivers are evaluated monthly and any individual no longer meeting the driver criteria will be deactivated with notification to employee and supervisor.
  • It is the employing department’s responsibility to notify the Risk Management Office of terminated or retiring employees on a regular basis to remove them.
  • To renew your driver authorization, the Driver Authorization Renewal “How To” guide provides details and instructions.

Liability Coverage:
The State’s Self-funded Liability Program provides coverage against claims made as the result of the negligent acts of University officers, employees and agents. Understand Liability