Paid Leave and Time and Absence Reporting

Academic Staff employees earn paid leave based on the fiscal year. Hours are granted on July 1st of each year. Part-time employees receive prorate amounts of leave based on their appointment percentage.

Note, employees hired after July 1st and/or terminated before June 30th will earn a prorated amount of leave for that fiscal year.

Fiscal Year Paid Leave Benefits for Faculty, Academic Staff and Limited Appointees

Exempt Academic Staff employees are only required to submit absences taken.

Employees submit absences via Request Absence in employee self-service (ESS) through MyUW. Academic Staff employees should not use the timesheet to report hours. Leave reports should be submitted by the first Friday of each month (e.g., August leave reports are due by September 8, 2023).

Full-time Academic Staff employees report hours based on the following:

  • If you are absent for 2 – 6 hours in a day, you are required to report 4 hours of leave.
  • If you are absent for more than 6 hours in a day, you are required to report 8 hours of leave.

Employees are not required to report time for less than 2 hours of leave used per day. However, this flexibility exists with the expectation that time is made up during a different day of the week or that the employee typically works more than 40 hours during the work week.

Part-time Academic Staff employees report leave as actual hours taken.

No Leave Taken must be submitted if you have not taken any leave or the only leave used for the month was legal holiday.

Monthly Leave Report Quick Guide

Non-exempt Academic Staff employees are required to submit both time and absences using the Timesheet in employee self-service (ESS) through MyUW at the end of each pay period.

Employees are required to report hours according to their assigned FTE.

While an employee’s schedule may fluctuate during the week, employees are not allowed to flex their schedule between the two weeks in the pay period. For example, if the employee works 15 hours during the first week of the pay period, they must report 5 hours of paid leave. Employees cannot work 5 hours extra the next week to account for the time lost in the first week.

Academic Staff Non-Exempt Time Reporting

University Staff employees earn paid leave based on the calendar year. Hours are granted on January 1st of each year.

Note, employees hired after January 1st and/or terminated before December 31st will earn a prorated amount of leave for the calendar year.

Annual Paid Leave Benefits for University Staff and University Project Employees