Growing Together | Ages 13-26

The Growing Together Program offers focused, short-term behavior treatment for teens and young adults with autism, ages 13-26, and their parents.  The program is founded on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and additional evidence-based approaches.  Families develop a partnership with our experienced clinicians to practice effective strategies for:

  • Supporting positive behavior
  • Developing important daily living and social skills
  • Promoting family relationships
  • Decreasing challenging behavior
  • Supporting the transition to adulthood

Family priorities guide individual treatment goals. Both parents and teens or young adults learn and practice strategies that facilitate behavior change. Each family works with a primary provider.  The providers are licensed clinicians from the disciplines of applied behavior analysis, dietetics, marriage and family therapy, and psychology.

All Sessions

  • Weekly, 90-minute sessions
  • Parents attend sessions with their teen or young adult
  • Work toward 1-3 behavioral goals
  • Strategies will be taught in session through discussion and direct practice
  • Families practice intervention approaches at home and in the community

Individual Family Sessions

  • Parent and teen or young adult work together toward relevant family goals

Multiple Family Sessions

  • Two or more families with a common goal participate in sessions
  • Sessions focus on:
    • Social skills development
    • Transition to adulthood

Group Treatment Sessions

  • Three or more families with a common goal participate in teen/adult and concurrent parent sessions
  • Sessions focus on
    • Social skills development
    • Transition to adulthood
    • Sexuality Education and Behavioral Treatment