University of Wisconsin–Madison

Transitioning Together

The Transitioning Together Program was developed by Waisman Center researchers to develop effective strategies and resources for parents and teens that support the teen’s transition to adulthood. The program involves group sessions for parents as well as social group sessions for the adolescents.  The parent group brings families together to learn about information, resources and networks for support for themselves and their teen.  The teen social group is designed to be a place where teens can meet together to have fun, discuss current issues and challenges in their lives, and learn skills to help them be successful as thy move on to adult life.  The teen group aims to foster peer interaction among adolescents with ASD, specifically by:

  1. Providing a safe environment for adolescents with ASD to interact with their peers, and the teen facilitators in meaningful ways.
  2. Assisting adolescents with ASD in identifying personal or professional goals.
  3. Fostering self-direction of adolescents with ASD through goal setting activities.
  4. Identifying 2 – 3 individual goals to increase participation.

The Transitioning Together interdisciplinary team includes clinicians from the disciplines of: occupational therapy; psychology, and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

Each teen will also have participation objectives to practice during each session that will support the teen to meet current and future goals.  The group meets 3 times a year, for a weekly 90 minute session for 8 weeks.

Transitioning Together Staff

Madeline C. Barger, MS, LMFT, BCBA

Program Coordinator, Autism Treatment Programs

Molly Murphy, PhD, BCBA-D

Lead Supervisor, Autism Treatment Programs