Beckman L70 Ultra Centrifuge

About the Ultra Centrifuge

This ultracentrifuge can achieve 70,000 rpm, with centrifugation forces of up to 504,000g. Speed control accuracy is +/- 20 rpm of set point. And the microprocessor based design permits the Efficient Sedimentation Program to avoid heavy salt precipitation. We have two rotors for this ultracentrifuge (SW-28 and SW41, both stored in room 644).

  • User-customized programs stored and recalled with the push of a button
  • Programmable delay start for convenient finishing time
  • Accel/decel profiles for instant customization of operating conditions
  • Simple user setup with automatic preheating, precooling, vacuum, and dry cycle
  • Dual display of “Set” and “Actual” run parameters keeps you continuously informed of run conditions
  • w2t of total centrifugal effect of a run in radians squared per second contributes to run-to-run reproducibility
  • The imbalance-tolerant drive permits balancing of rotor loads without having to weigh individual samples.

Contact the CIA manager to be trained on or if you have questions about this equipment.