Calendar Information

We use Google Calendars for most of our equipment scheduling. You can find a links to individual calendars on their respective equipment pages.

Approved users can self-schedule usage using Google Calendar and are responsible for removing or updating timeslots based on schedule changes.

Contact CIA staff to be:

  • Trained on this use of equipment
  • Request time on euipment
  • Request self-scheduling access
  • If you have any problems with these forms, email the problem or a scheduling request to CIA staff.

When viewing the calendars embedded in our website, here are some tips:

  1. To get to today’s schedule, click the “Today” button. The red line shows the curent time.
  2. To move forward or backward in the calendar, click one of the arrows or click the drop-down date range menu to the right of the arrows.
  3. To change from week view to month view or agenda view (list of events), click the Month or Agenda tab (or Week tab to get back to the week view).
  4. Use the scroll bar to see times earlier or later than what’s shown.
  5. Click the “+ Google Calendar” rectangle to go to Google Calendar and reserve a timeslot. If you are signed in to your Google account, you will see whatever you normally see. If you can’t modify events on the calendar of interest, you may need access privileges for your preferred Google Account.
  6. Click on scheduled events to get more details. When you’ve clicked over to your Google Account calendar view, you can edit events this way (if you are approved to do so).

CIA Equipment Calendar Example


Once you get into Google Calendar, your screen should resemble this:

CIA Equipment Calendar Example

  1. If you don’t already see the Calendar you want listed on the left, use Search Public Calendars to find it. CMN Core calendars all start with Waisman Center CMN Core, so if you search for that, you should find all of our public calendars.
  2. You can use the checkboxes to specify which calendars you want overlaid at once. Your personal calendar is always at the top. To see calendar settings for individual calendars, you can click on the tab just to the right of the calendar’s name.
  3. The easiest way to create an event is to click and drag over the timeslot of interest. Then, a window pops up with your choices for quickly adding an event. 3a. For the “What” box, you should type in your full name. If you weren’t easily able to drag over your timeslot of interest, you can specify the real timeslot you want, for example, if you really want 4:15 to 6:50 pm, you could type in 4:15-6:50 Joe Shmo, and it will know what you mean.3b. Make sure you click the right calendar under “Which Calendar”; your personal calendar is the default. 3c. Click “Create Event” if you’re all set, or “edit event details” if you need to change something, want a reminder, or want to set up a repeating event.
  4. You can also click “Quick Add” or “Create Event” to add a timeslot.
  5. You can change the appearances of your calendar view using the “Settings” button.