Pediatric Brain Care Clinic


The Waisman Center Clinics provide comprehensive clinical care and support for children with disabilities and their families. The Waisman Center Pediatric Brain Care Clinic is a partnership with UW Health and the American Family Children’s Hospital. The Pediatric Brain Care Clinic is an interdisciplinary clinic for infants, children, and adolescents with, or at risk for, developmental and/or behavioral disabilities associated with an acquired brain injury, who have been hospitalized at the American Family Children’s Hospital.

Children and their families are seen for initial and follow-up visits to address concerns related to the affects of an acquired brain injury. These include: delay in growth and development, behavior issues, headache management, learning/memory deficits, school performance concerns, decisions on when to return to full activities, and any other concerns that you or your child may have. Individualized care is provided according to the needs of the child identified in collaboration with their parent or guardian. 

Clinic Details