Feeding Team


The Waisman Center Clinics provide comprehensive clinical care and support for children with disabilities and their families. The Waisman Center Feeding Team is a partnership with UW Health and the American Family Children’s Hospital. The Feeding Team works with children over 12 months of age with developmental disabilities who need help to be successful eaters. The Feeding Team includes a  developmental pediatrician, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist, a clinical psychologist, a pediatric dietitian, a social worker, and the clinic coordinator.

Appropriate referrals are:

  • Children with feeding problems related to congenital anomalies or early complications of severe illness
  • Children who have difficulty sucking, drinking, chewing, or swallowing due to oromotor, orosensory, or developmental disability
  • Children who are transitioning from tube to oral feedings
  • Children whose behaviors have limited their oral intake significantly
  • Children with failure to thrive due to feeding skills interfering with intake

Clinic Details