Financial Concerns

The total charge for a Waisman Center visit will depend on the range of services received. In addition to charges for professional services provided at the Waisman Center, additional expenses, such as laboratory fees, may be incurred. Billing for clinical services is handled through the University of Wisconsin Medical Foundation, and/or University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics. Some of the biochemical genetics lab work is billed through the Waisman Center.

Many health insurance policies and Wisconsin Medical Assistance will cover clinical services, but the type and extent of coverage vary greatly. Please review your policy carefully.

When an HMO is to be billed for the service we must have an authorized referral. When Medical Assistance is to be billed for the service, we must have either an authorized referral or a written denial from the HMO before we can provide services.

If possible, Waisman Center staff will assist clients and/or their families in securing financial assistance if needed.