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ECHO AAC – Alternative and Augmentative Communication-old

Audience Icon - redOpen to anyone interested in AAC or the specific session topic.

Check List IconECHO AAC is designed to connect individuals who use AAC, families, speech-language pathologists, teachers, occupational therapists, social workers, and other team members to support knowledge sharing. The ECHO model is designed to recognize the expertise in every member of the ECHO team to maximize outcomes for individuals who use AAC.

Format Collaboration Tools IconECHO AAC meets via Zoom video conferencing. The structure of ECHO sessions includes 45 minutes of didactic content and 45 minutes of case-based problem solving.

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To receive notification when new ECHO AAC rounds are scheduled, please send an email with your name and interest to:

HUB Team

Jennifer Seale, PhD, CCC-SLP

Position title: Clinic Director

Abygail Marx, MS, CCC-SLP

Position title: Speech-Language Pathologist

Lauren Hammer, MS, CCC-SLP

Position title: Speech-Language Pathologist