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ECHO Early Childhood Education (ECE)

The ECHO Early Childhood Education (ECE) series is for early childhood professionals working with children with a range of abilities.

Participants will learn and share strategies to support inclusive early childhood education for children identified with a disability or a special health or development need.

Continuing Education Credit will be provided through the Wisconsin Registry.

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Session Topics

  • Creating opportunities for more inclusive play
  • Promoting successful transitions between activities
  • Identifying and supporting behaviors of concern in the classroom
  • Supporting a range of communication abilities
  • Using behavior support plans
  • Partnering with families of children with disabilities
  • Supporting children during transitions between programs
  • Accessing resources for implementing best practice

Schedule & Registration

Participants register for the round and commit to attending each session in the round. The current round is February-May 2024. Registration is closed. Join the Waisman ECHO mailing list to learn about future rounds and other relevant ECHO series.

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Expert Team

Leann Smith DaWalt, PhD

Position title: Director, University Center for Excellence In Developmental Disabilities

AJ Naatz, MEd

Position title: ECHO Content Expert

Maryann Rehani, MPH

Position title: Project Coordinator

Amy Plica

Position title: ECHO Content Expert

Kate Szidon, MS

Position title: ECHO Facilitator, Lead, and Content Expert