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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Novel mouse model sheds new light on autism spectrum disorder

Thoughts of Gratitude

The Rijkaarts thanks Waisman Center doctors

Brain Research

Researchers track critical developments in the young brain

Following Newborns

After his surgery, Jaden visited our Newborn Follow-Up Clinic.

Parkinson’s Disease

Cell transplant treats Parkinson’s in mice

Treating Brain Injuries

Tristan was initially diagnosed with a mild concussion.

Slide of the Week

Every week, we like to highlight the important research that is being done right here at the Waisman Center.

Today’s highlight comes from Katherine Hustad, PhD, whose research on longitudinal development of communication in children with cerebral palsy between 24 and 53 months is helping to predict speech outcomes.

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Wiley Seminar Series

In the News

  • Sigan Hartley, PhD – Slide of the Week

    Title: Bidirectional Relations between Maternal Warmth and Criticism in a Five Minute Speech Sample and Emotional and Behavior Problems of Children with Autism Legend: Association between maternal warmth and criticism in a Five Minute Speech sample …

  • Five language outcome measures evaluated for intellectual disabilities studies

    A multi-university team of researchers found that expressive language sampling (ELS) can be useful in measuring outcomes in clinical trials targeting fragile X syndrome (FXS). According to their study, ELS, a set of procedures for collecting and analyzing spoken language in natural verbal interactions, yielded five language-related outcome measures that may be useful for treatment studies in intellectual disabilities, especially FXS.

  • UCEDD Slide of the Week

    The Plain community is the fastest-growing religious minority in Wisconsin. This community has a high incidence of genetic disorders, many of which are identifiable through newborn screening. We describe efforts by the Wisconsin Newborn Screening Program (WNSP) to improve health care in the Plain community by targeting early identification of, and intervention for, patients with inherited metabolic disorders.

  • Thoughts of Gratitude: Scott Kornstedt

    Shortly after Raegan was born to Scott and his wife Carrie, she was diagnosed with phenylketonuria, or PKU — a rare metabolic disorder that prevents her from properly metabolizing phenylalanine, a common amino acid that exists in most proteins. PKU is a rare disorder that affects approximately 16,000 people in the U.S. It is one of 47 disorders for which newborns in Wisconsin are screened. If left untreated, it can cause intellectual disabilities, seizures, among other health-related issues.

  • Tracy L. Hagemann, PhD & Albee Messing, VMD, PhD – Slide of the Week

    Alexander disease results from gain of function mutations in the gene encoding glial fibrillary acidic protein (GFAP). At least eight GFAP isoforms have been described, however, the predominant alpha isoform accounts for approximately 90% of GFAP protein.

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