Emily Lorang, MS, CCC-SLP

Position title: Morse Scholar 2018-2021

Emily Lorang

My research focuses on intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to language learning in young children with developmental disabilities, including children with Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, and autism spectrum disorders. Specifically, my research investigates the relationships between parent and child factors during naturalistic parent-child interactions. By including both mothers and fathers, we can better understand similarities and differences in parent behaviors, which may shed light on ways in which parents may need different supports during parent-coached interventions. In addition, I am particularly interested in how we can gain additional insight into interactions and child language development through the use of multiple methods, including standardized measures, behavioral coding, parent report, physiological measures of parent-child synchrony, and Language ENvironment Analysis (LENA).

Home Departments: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Major Professor: Audra Sterling, PhD

Disciplines that I pull from in my research include: Communication Sciences and Disorders, Human Development and Family Studies, Developmental Psychology, Linguistics

Articles That Influenced My Research: 

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