Ender Tekin, PhD

Associate Scientist, Waisman Center

Ender Tekin, PhD

PhD, Pennsylvania State University

Contact Information

Waisman Center
1500 Highland Avenue
Room 543
Lab Website: A Visual Impairment and Accessibility Technology Research Lab (AVIATR)

Research Statement

Loss of vision can frequently lead to a loss of independence and a reduction in quality of life for an individual. I am interested in harnessing new mobile technologies to provide access to environmental information for persons with vision loss. As mobile devices and wearable technologies proliferate, there are new avenues to interact with the constant mesh of devices and appliances in the environment, opening up new possibilities to improve the independence and self-sufficiency of persons with vision loss.

One of my main interest is using emerging technologies to improve communication aids for persons with vision and hearing loss, a fast growing segment of the population in developed countries as life expectancies increase. Whereas persons who have hearing loss but good vision can make use of facial cues to improve their speech reception, persons who have combined vision and hearing loss are unable to compensate for the loss of information in communication. I am exploring combining audio and video inputs in order to improve speech enhancement algorithms to aid speech reception for persons with such dual sensory loss.

Selected Publications