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Grants and Business Office List

wdt_ID Task Primary Contact Backup Contact Email
1 Agreements (MTA, CDA, CTA, etc) Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
2 ASSAs Lee, Peters, Torkildson grants@waisman.wisc.edu
3 Building & maintenance issues Ales Bleck building@waisman.wisc.edu
4 Building security/access Eckerty Ales, Bleck seckerty@wisc.edu
5 Cap Ex questions & balances Torkildson torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
6 Charge back system questions & mgmt Lee charge-notify@waisman.wisc.edu
7 Custodian accounts Torkildson Lee torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
8 Deposits Torkildson Lee torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
9 Direct payment requests Torkildson Lee torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
10 E Reimbursement Torkildson Lee torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
11 Effort certification Bleck, Lee, Peters Peters
12 Grant closeouts Bleck, Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
13 Key requests Eckerty Ales, Torkildson seckerty@wisc.edu
14 Mail/shipping barcodes Eckerty Ales, Torkildson seckerty@wisc.edu
15 MDS accounts Torkildson Lee torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
16 No cost extensions Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
17 Non-salary cost transfers Bleck, Lee, Peters, Torkildson grants@waisman.wisc.edu
18 Parking coordinator Eckerty seckerty@wisc.edu
19 Payroll funding updates Bleck, Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
20 Progress reports Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
21 Proposal submissions Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
22 Purchase orders/requisitions Torkildson torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
23 Purchasing card Torkildson torkildson@waisman.wisc.edu
24 Salary cost transfers Bleck, Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
25 Subcontracts Lee, Peters grants@waisman.wisc.edu
27 Telephones & voice mail Eckerty Keir seckerty@wisc.edu
28 Waisman directory updates Eckerty seckerty@wisc.edu
Task Primary Contact Backup Contact Email