The Cooper family

Waisman research into rare syndrome offers hope for families

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LEND training

The WI LEND training program is one of the many activities of the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

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Anita Bhattacharyya

Stem cell scientist Anita Bhattacharyya studies early brain development and developmental disorders

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The Communication Aids & Systems Clinic (CASC) provides specialized, cutting-edge augmentative and alternative communication for children and adults

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Hero - Waisman Winter

The Waisman Center is one of 14 Eunice Kennedy Shriver Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Research Centers

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Autism Treatment Program

The Waisman Center Autism Treatment Programs provide behavioral treatment through three programs for children, teens and their families

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Brain Imaging Brittany Travers

Brittany Travers' research examines motor development and corresponding brain development in individuals with autism

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Waisman Early Childhood

The Waisman Early Childhood Program (WECP) provides exceptional inclusive education to preschool students of all abilities

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