COVID-19: Full List of Resources and Updates

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About COVID-19: Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

About COVID-19: Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

About COVID-19

About COVID-19: For Parents and Caregivers

About COVID-19: For Parents and Caregivers

COVID-19 virus

  • Resources Specific to COVID-19
    From the Catalyst Center. Includes a Medicaid toolkit, frequently asked questions about Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program, coverage and benefits information, and additional links.
  • COVID-19 Projections
    This website from the University of Washington, uses a predictive model to estimate key data points related to the COVID 19 timeline by country and state.

American Sign Language Resources

American Sign Language Resources

American Sign Language

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Resources

Augmentative & Alternative Communication Resources

AAC Resources

Civil Rights / Equal Access to Care

Coping: Helping Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Coping: Helping Children and Adults with Developmental Disabilities


    Supporting and reassuring children around the world – available in multiple languages

Coping / Mental Health Support for Parents and Caregivers

Coping / Mental Health Support for Parents and Caregivers

  • The Healthy Minds Program | Free
    Translating pioneering neuroscience into tools for everyday life, our unique framework guides you through the four pillars of the science of training the mind.

Diagnosis-Specific Resources

Diagnosis Specific Resources


Down Syndrome

Cerebral Palsy

Fragile X Syndrome

Rett Syndrome

Education Resources for Children with Disabilities

Education Resources for Students with Disabilities

Supporting Children with Disabilities at Home

Policy Information

Education Resources

Returning to School After COVID-19

COVID-19 Resources for Returning to School

Return to schoolWisconsin Resources

Nation-Wide Resources


From Tim Markle:

E- mail: Phone: 608-262-8033

  • School Reopening Information (updated 7.28.20)
  • The Collaborative Improvement and Innovation Network to Advance Care for Children with Medical Complexity (CMC CoIIN; PI: Meg Comeau) has partnered with the AAP to offer the CMC & COVID-19 ECHO project, during which we have covered the topic of school re-entry for CMC, and wanted to share the resources and key takeaways we’ve gathered through these conversations.
  • The lecture on this topic, presented by Nathaniel Beers MD, MPA, FAAP and Stephanie Porter MSN, RN, highlighted the AAP’s guidelines for re-opening schools (including physical distancing guidelines, PPE and face coverings, cleaning, and screening/testing), mental health needs of students, specific guidelines for CMC (such as medical technology), and lessons learned from the past that could assist this transition. Please access the recording and slides of the lecture for additional details.
  • Key resources discussed during the ECHO that relate to the conversation on this group include:
  • Information from the AAP re: School Re-Opening

§ *Much of this is covered in the ECHO lecture

This is not an exhaustive list of resources discussed during the ECHO; additional links to resources can be found in the School Re-Entry topic folder.

For additional information about the ECHO, slides and resources from all sessions can be found on our website

FUN Virtual Activities for Kids and Adults

Hand Washing and Other Precautions

Hand Washing and other Precautionshand washing

Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss / Deafness

deaf-hearing-loss symbol

  • Free VRI Instructions
    Free video interpreting for COVID-19 testing – Getting tested for COVID-19 is a stressful experience and we want to ensure that you have access to interpreting services during this time. Linguabee is offering VRI for free at the test sites.

Legislation and Policy Issues Related to COVID-19

Legislation and Policy Issues Related to COVID-19

University of Wisconsin and Government COVID-19 Resources

Waisman Employee Information and Resources

Waisman Center Employee Information and Resources

Waisman building exterior image

  • COVID-19 Information for NIH Applicants and Recipients
    Due to the potential exceptional impact of COVID-19 on the research community, NIH is providing updated guidance and information as it becomes available to help you stay healthy and safe while continuing your research.

Wisconsin COVID-19 Resources

Wisconsin COVID-19 Resources


  • All in for Kids
    Empowering Families Through the Children’s Long-Term Support Waiver Program – COVID-19 Issues
  • 211 Wisconsin
    Please select your county from the list to see specific guidance and resources for your region. Included financial resources information.
  • Covering Wisconsin
    To connect Wisconsin residents with appropriate insurance coverage and other programs that support health, and to promote effective use of these programs. Call about job loss and insurance issues.
  • Aging and Disability Resource Centers (ADRC) – Wisconsin – Find your local ADRC
    During the COVID-19 pandemic, ADRCs continue to provide community members with information, assistance, and counseling related to long-term care and other programs and services for older adults and adults with disabilities. Contact your local ADRC by telephone to initiate services. To protect the health and safety of customers and staff, in-person office hours and home visits are currently limited at most locations.
  • Well Badger COVID-19
    Well Badger specializes in information and referrals for health care services and resources including WIC, BadgerCare Plus, Wisconsin Well Woman, services for children and youth with special health care needs, mental health services, and many more.