Business Office & Financial Services

ROOM: 202 | OFFICE HOURS: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm | PHONE: 608.263.1656

Business Services supports the administration of the Waisman Center and its management and accounting infrastructure for faculty, staff, and students and provides a broad range of services that facilitate the Center’s day-to-day operations.

Steve Marshall, MS, MSPH

Position title: Associate Director, Finance and Administration


Phone: (608) 263-5900

Mike Ales

Position title: Facilities Maintenance


Phone: 608-263-5883 / Mobile 608-516-8563

Spencer Eckerty

Position title: Business Office Support Specialist


Phone: 608-263-1656

Pao Lee

Position title: Grants Administration


Phone: 608-265-6903

Haley Olig

Position title: Accountant


Phone: (608) 263-5910

AV Equipment and Check Out

The Waisman Center’s three large conference rooms (the Wiley Conference Center, the Friends of the Waisman Center Auditorium, and the Ziemann Suite) and many of the smaller meeting rooms are equipped with permanently mounted LCD projectors. A laptop computer and 2 LCD projectors are available for check-out for the meetings rooms that are not AV equipped.

The Waisman Center does not provide AV set-up support for any of the Waisman small meeting rooms. Users are required to procure or provide their own audio-visual equipment (LCD projectors, laptops, laser pointers, conference phones, etc.) and set-it up in all of the Waisman small meeting rooms.

Click here to view the meeting rooms and equipment available in each room.

The following equipment is available to be checked out:

Business Office, Room 202:

  • 2 LCD projectors

Contact or stop by the business office to reserve the above equipment.

Media Room, Room 240:

  • Conference phone
  • A/V adapters

Please contact or or call 263.5837 to reserve any of the above listed equipment.

Internet Access: To access the Internet throughout the building (and in the small meeting rooms) you must have a laptop that is Waisman imaged or have a UW Net-ID to use a wireless laptop.

Technical Difficulties: If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your AV equipment or are having problems setting up, please contact Clark Kellogg at 263.8726 or; or Teresa Palumbo at 263.5867 or

Building Security and Access

Building Hours:

Building hours for Monday – Friday – 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday, Sunday and  Legal Holidays – Building is closed


Report any suspicious persons to UW Police at 262-2957. Do not approach the person.

You must have an activated UW photo ID (WISCARD) to enter the building and secured areas during times when the building is locked.

To obtain a WisCard, you need to be an employee of the University of Wisconsin. Go to Union South, room 149 to have your photo taken. It takes about 10 minutes to get your WisCard. If you lose your WisCard and need to replace it, you will be charged $25. If your WisCard is 5 years or older, you are eligible for a free replacement.

Link to WisCard website:

Security Suggestions:

  • It is strongly suggested that you keep program/project money in the Business Office safe.
  • Lock personal valuables in cupboards or file cabinets that are not easily visible.
  • Do not leave the keys in the locks.
  • Lock your office door if you plan to be out of your office, even for short absences.
  • Lock your office when you leave for the day.

Business Office Hours and Contact Information

The Waisman Center business office is located in Room 202.
Business office hours are M- F, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Cash and Check Deposits

All deposits are turned in to the Business Office, Room 202, for safe keeping. All deposits are processed on a weekly basis.

Checking Account

See the Financial Specialist in the Business Office, Room 202.

Copying Services

Copies can be made in the Copy Center, Room 212, at eight cents a copy. You must have copy machine access to be able to make copies.

  • Additional copy machines are located in T501 (and for after hrs copying) and throughout the building .
  • A log-in ID is required to access all Waisman Center copy machines and will track copies for billing purposes. (Contact the support person in your area for a log-in ID.)
  • If there is a problem (e.g. paper jam or lines on copies) with the copy machine, please contact the Business Office.

Direct Payments

To process direct payments. Make certain that all receipts, invoices and justifications accompany this form. This form is used to pay invoices for services where a purchase order was not generated. Contact the Business Office with any questions.

Fax Services

Faxes can be sent from any email now using CloudFax at no cost and maybe link to cloudfax kb page: CloudFax – Getting Started (

Incoming faxes required a service account so the business office can receive them on request using the 608-263-0529 number.

The Waisman Center general FAX number is 608.263.0529.

  • Please bring a mail charge label when receiving faxes through the Business Office.
  • Personal Faxes can not be sent thought the Business Office.

Keys and KeyWatcher

Business Office staff issue keys and after hours access to the building. Key request cards are available in the Bus. Office.

Keys are usually issued 2 -3 days after all information below completed and received. An e-mail will be sent to the requester letting them know key/s are ready to be picked up.

Information required for a key and/or building access request:

1) Key Request Card needs to be completed and signed both by the requester and their PI ( in some cases the PI of that allocated lab area may also need to sign)

2) An Unpaid Appointment Form will need to be completed  for anyone who is unpaid or not paid through Waisman.

Each key is unique to the person it was assigned. DO NOT DUPLICATE OR TRADE KEYS – contact the Business Office if you need an additional key. Report all lost or stolen keys promptly to the Business Office.

All keys must be turned in to the Business Office when you leave the Waisman Center. Do not pass keys on to other employees.

Please keep in mind the following policies, developed in cooperation with several university departments and UW Police and Security, that should provide a reasonable degree of security.

Please see Waisman Center Key Policy here.

KeyWatcher FAQs

Q: What is KeyWatcher?
A: It is a secure electronic key cabinet and management system that provides keys to approved staff using their Wiscard.

Q: Who has access to the keys in KeyWatcher?
A: Anyone who has been assigned a physical key by the Waisman Center or has been approved to access key(s) via KeyWatcher.

Q: How do I gain access to KeyWatcher?
A: The Business Office will provide you with a one-time use User ID and PIN.  You enroll in KeyWatcher by pushing “Start”, entering your User ID and PIN and scanning your Wiscard while following step by step instructions.  Once enrolled, you will be required to use your Wiscard to access KeyWatcher.

Q: Which keys can I take from KeyWatcher?
A: You will be able to remove key(s) only for the rooms you have been approved to access.

Q: Will I still be able to get loaner keys from the Business Office?
A: The Business Office will no longer have loaner keys but will be able to provide access to your approved keys in KeyWatcher.

Q: What is a “smart key”?
A: It is the electronic key that is inserted into a KeyWatcher key slot, it may have one or more keys attached.

Q: Where are the KeyWatcher cabinets located?
A: They are located on the first floor of the north tower (vestibule as you come in the main entrance) and on the 2nd floor by the Business Office (Rm 202).

Q: Can I remove/return my keys from/to either of the KeyWatcher cabinets?
A:  Keys for most labs will be located in only one of the cabinets (you will be informed which cabinet your assigned keys are in).  Keys only can be returned to the cabinet they are assigned.  Keys with a yellow “smart key” are assigned and have to be returned to the 1st floor cabinet while those with a black “smart key” are assigned and have to be returned to the 2nd floor cabinet.

Q: How long can I keep a key once I remove it from KeyWatcher?
A: In most cases there is only one key in KeyWatcher that opens a certain room or group of rooms.  KeyWatcher keys are considered loaner keys and usually should be returned within 15 minutes.

Q: What happens if I forget or fail to return a key to KeyWatcher within the allowed loan period?
A: You (if a correct email address is available) and Waisman Center administration will receive an email reminder that the key needs to be returned to KeyWatcher.  Because you have removed the only key for a particular area, others who may need access to those same rooms will be unable to unlock them until you return the key to KeyWatcher.

Q: Why does my Wiscard no longer allow me to access KeyWatcher?
A:  There are several reasons you may no longer be able to access KeyWatcher  e.g. new Wiscard, expired Wiscard, your appointment has ended.

Q: What do I do if I get a new Wiscard?
A: Please go to the Business Office since your new card will need to be entered into KeyWatcher.

Q: I need KeyWatcher access to rooms that I did not originally request on my key card, what do I do?
A: You need to submit a new green key request form, approved by your supervisor, to the Business Office and your access will be updated in KeyWatcher.

Non-salary Cash Transfers

See your Grant Management Specialist or the Financial Specialist in the Business Office in Room 202.

Mailing & Shipping Services

The Waisman Center mail room is located in Room 212.

  • U.S., campus, and internal mail is received, sorted and delivered to the mail boxes in the mail room.
  • Postage is required on all outgoing US and UPS mail and will be applied with proper Waisman charge slips & bar codes.
  • Charge slips are available in the Business Office (Room 202) and the Mail room (Room 212).
  • Bar codes labels are available in the Business Office (Room 202).  Please have an old label handy or know what is on your label so the information is on hand and new sheet/s can be printed.
  • Please include your room number as part of the return address on all outgoing Waisman mail.
  • Employees should not use campus addresses for incoming or outgoing personal mail.
  • Please give the Mail Room staff advance warning if you expect to be mailing large volumes of letters or packages.
  • Please have all outgoing mail placed in the mail room by 2 p.m. Any mail set in the baskets or counter after this time may not be postmarked on the same day.


We have a UPS account so most overnight mail is shipped via UPS.

When sending packaged by UPS:

  • Package your item using UPS boxes or mailers (available in the mail room) or your own box. Include the SENDERS & RECEIVERS full address
  •  Include a completed blue charge slip
  •  Place the item in the mail room (by the mail baskets) by 2 p.m. We cannot guarantee items placed in the mail room after 2 p.m will be shipped the same day.


We do not have an account with FedEx.

  • You will need to create your own FedEx shipping label and organize pick up of the package (with FedEx) from the loading dock. Make sure pick up times are during office hours.

If you have any question about shipping and mail, please contact the mail room staff or the Business Office

Meeting Room Reservations

Reservation Instructions for Meeting Rooms Located at the Waisman Center:Lobby image

  1. These rooms are available for reservation to Waisman Center staff only.
  2. Waisman Center staff may request access to the Meeting Room reservation calendars by contacting Clark Kellogg at
  3. There are eight calendars, one each meeting room. You will receive a calendar invite for each meeting room.
  4. Once you have access, you will be able to view the calendars for availability, and make your own reservations at any time.
  5. If you have questions please contact Clark Kellogg at
  6. Details about the meeting rooms can be found here:


Please go to the UW Transportation Services website at for detailed parking and transportation information.

Waisman Center – Payrolled Faculty and Staff
Parking on campus and at the Waisman Center is very limited. Parking is not free; the cost varies depending on which lot you choose. To request an annual parking permit email the parking coordinator:  Please specify what kind of parking you are interested in. The business office in Room 202 can provide you with information and answer parking-related questions (STUDENTS – See below). You will need to be added to the Waisman Parking Unit before you can apply for parking on campus.

Student & Graduate, Project, Research & Teaching Assistants
ALL INQUIRIES: Please contact the Office of Transportation Services. they handle ALL student parking on Campus (the Business Office has limited information on student parking). They are located at: WARF Building, 610 Walnut Street. Contact info: email or call 608.263.6666 or go to their website for further information.

Client & Visitors
Clients, research subjects, and visitors will need to obtain parking permits from the Waisman Center program with which they have appointments. Client and visitor parking is designated in the blue stalls. Permits CAN NOT be issued to Waisman/UW employees or students.

Special Event Parking
Please contact Teresa Palumbo 263.5837 or to coordinate any special event. It is the responsibility of the event sponsor to make arrangements for parking well in advance of the event.

Purchasing Card

Refer to the following link:

Questions can be directed to the Financial Specialist in the Business Office, room 202..

Purchase Orders

Refer to the following link:

Questions can be directed to the Financial Specialist in the Business Office, room 202.

Research Participation Payments

The Custodian Fund Request Form is used when requesting advance funds for human subject study: (Find Policy: 103-Payment to Human Subjects on the Accounting Services web site at

Complete the form and turn it in to Room 202. When the form is processed, a check will be cut by Purchasing Services and it will be sent to Business Office in approximately 4 weeks from the time it leaves the Waisman Center. Requests cannot be less than $500. The custodian must maintain a “Custodian Fund Log of Payments to Human Subjects” form that contains all pertinent information for audit and tax purposes. You have 90 days from the date on the Custodian Request Form to account for the money distributed. If you do not account for the money, the amount requested may be deducted from your paycheck. A copy of the Custodian Fund Log of Payments to Human Subjects form and “Custodian Fund Account Form” must be turned in to the Business Office to ensure that the funds were appropriately distributed and any unused funds are returned to the grant. The actual charge for the cash cards will be posted when the appropriate paperwork has been properly submitted to Cash Management minus any money paid back to the grant.


If you have a problem with your phone (static, no dial tone.. etc) please email:  Please specify the phone number, room number, what the problem is and when the issue started.

The Waisman directory lists in-house telephone, room numbers, and e-mail addresses of Waisman staff and students. Please let the Business Office know about new employees or people who have left the Waisman Center. They need this information to update the telephone directory, key inventory, space assignment, and for security purposes. The Waisman directory is available on the web at

Campus Calls
Dial the last five digits of the telephone number to place the call.

Local Calls
In order to dial outside the campus area, dial 9 plus the number to place a local call.

Long Distance Calls
Dial 8 plus 1, to use the STS for long distance calls. This system is intended for university business calls only. Please keep in mind the following information when using the STS (system to system):

  • Misuse of the STS may result in a change of service from an unrestricted to a restricted line (one which no long-distance calls can be made.)
  • Third party calls cannot be accepted by the Waisman Center.
  • Reduce collect call charges by taking the party’s number and calling back on STS.
  • Avoid operator handled calls since only dialed calls (by you) can be placed on the STS.
  • AT&T is the long distance carrier for the university.

International Calls
When placing an international call, dial 8 plus (011), then the international phone number.

Personal Long Distance/Local Calls
Use of the STS for personal long distance calls, even if reimbursement is subsequently made to the University by the individual, is not permitted practice and is considered abuse of the system.

Unavoidable personal calls are to be made as collect calls, billed directly to the individual’s home telephone number, charged to a personal credit card or made from a pay phone.

There is a charge for local calls made from office telephones. Therefore, personal calls should be limited to those that are essential. Employees should be judicious and not make excessive use of their telephones for personal purposes.

All directory assistance calls incur charges for local and long distance information. Please use your local telephone directory before calling for directory assistance.

Travel Expense Reports / E-reimbursement

All travel for UW employees is done electronically by logging on to “my UW”. Click on the “Services” tab at the top of the page and scroll down to the “Financial Information Resources” box and click on the option that fulfills your need. Keep in mind that you must do the online training before you can complete the e-reimbursement process. When you have finished entering all of the information and you have submitted the document, gather all of your receipts to accompany the paper copy that you give to the Business Office. If you are being paid through the Waisman Center, your electronic form will automatically go to Room 202 staff for review and approval after you hit the “submit” button. If you are not paid by the Waisman Center, the electronic form will travel to your home department for review and approval.

If the travel reimbursement is for a non-UW employee, you must follow the steps for completing a “Non-employee Profile Set-up Request for e-Reimbursement” form at Once the form is completed, email it to the Business Office. Within 1-2 days, a non-employee number will be assigned to the traveler by Business Services and it will be emailed to the person completing the e-Reimbursement on behalf of the non-employee. At this time, complete the e-Reimbursement form and submit it when finished. The document will automatically forward to the Business Office for review and approval.

For a copy of the Traveler’s Reference Guide, click on the following link This link also has important information about travel contracts, policies and regulations.

For additional guidance on specific requirements go to:  Expense Reimbursement: Things to Remember When Requesting Reimbursement (.docx).

Vendor Contracts

When planning to purchase equipment, furniture or supplies, contact the Business Office, Room 202 to see if the UW has a contract in place for the item. If there is a contract, we are bound to purchase the product from that vendor. Some vendors that we have under contract are BSI (Badger State Industries) for furniture and file cabinets, Graybar for telephones and Staples for office supplies that MDS does not carry. Contracts do end and vendors change so it is important to check with the Business Office before you order.