Grants Administration

Each year, the Research Administration office at the Waisman Center processes the grant applications and progress reports on behalf of Waisman Center Investigators. The Waisman Center Research Administration office also assists investigators with final invention statements, material transfer agreements, and non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements. This office manages all of the required clearances (i.e., human subjects, animal) related to research activities, and establishes subcontracts for projects.

Grants Resource Guide is available to help investigators and research project staff at the Waisman Center understand and navigate the language, policies, and procedures of sponsored project administration.  The guide includes information on preparing and submitting a proposal, starting up a new project, expending grant funds, and complying with sponsor policies and regulations. It is intended to serve as a “first stop” reference tool and includes many links to sites where more detailed guidance can be found. Please feel free to provide feedback on improvements to this resource, at

Please communicate with the Waisman Center Grants Administration office via

Waisman Center Grant Submission Timeline Goals:

  1. Four weeks prior to actual submission deadline – PI (or designee) sends e-mail to and provide PI Name, Short Project Title, Sponsor
  2. Three weeks prior to actual submission deadline – budget finalized
  3. Two weeks prior to actual submission deadline – complete file in Waisman Grants Administration office for submission review
  4. One week prior to actual submission deadline – complete file in RSP for final review

Grants and Business Office List

wdt_ID Task Primary Contact Backup Contact Email
1 Agreements (MTA, CDA, CTA, etc) Lee, Mabie, Peters
2 ASSAs Lee, Mabie, Peters, Torkildson
3 Building & maintenance issues Ales Bleck
4 Building security/access Ales, Bleck, Torkildson
5 Cap Ex questions & balances Torkildson
6 Charge back system questions & mgmt Lee
7 Custodian accounts Torkildson Lee
8 Deposits Torkildson Lee
9 Direct payment requests Torkildson Lee
10 E Reimbursement Torkildson Lee
Task Primary Contact Backup Contact Email

Business Office & Grants Contact List
Name Location Phone Email Address
Jody Bleck Room 271 608.263.5900
Pao Lee Room 275 608.265.6903
Heather Mabie Room 265 608.261.1514
Tonia Peters Room 269 608.890.1405
Jan Torkildson Room 202 608.263.5910

Grants Administration Staff

Jody Bleck

Position title: Associate Director, Finance and Administration


Phone: 608-263-5900

Pao Lee

Position title: Grants Administration - Accountant


Phone: 608-263-6903

Heather Mabie


Phone: 608-261-1514

Tonia Peters

Position title: Grants Administration


Phone: 608-890-1405