The Waisman Brain Imaging Core houses a Magstim EGI Net Amps 400 Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording system for the acquisition of high-density EEG and ERP data. This system offers a high impedance amplifier that can be suitable in multiple environments and the Geodesic Sensor Net allows sensors to be applied simultaneously and easy to use across various populations, including infants, toddlers and children. The 128-channel system provides high spatial and temporal resolution with whole head coverage, making it ideal for studies to measure brain activity changes in complex neurodevelopmental disorders and neurological diseases.

Man demonstrating Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording system Data collection is achieved using EGI’s Net Station 5 software package which is installed on a iMac Desktop computer in the EEG control room. The Net Station 5 software package is engineered for easy acquisition and allows review of both standard EEG montages (such as 10-20 and 10-10), or High-Density EEG with up to 256 channels in a networked environment. Net Station 5 also provides synchronized chart plots, topo plots, topo maps and interactive 3D scalp voltage depiction.

The system uses Geodesic Sensor Nets that come in a range of different sizes (from 28 cm for preterm infants to 64 cm for adults) and allows us the flexibility to test subjects with different head sizes. These nets have been designed to be easy to use, comfortable and can produce high-quality and high-resolution data. Individual studies and/or labs will be responsible for purchasing and maintaining (e.g. cleaning) their own Geodesic Sensor Nets.

For more information regarding the WBIC EEG system please reach out to Michael Anderle.