The Core psychophysiology suite includes a shielded subject room with video surveillance to the control booth outside for continual subject monitoring during experiments.  Visual stimuli are provided via a Samsung 910T monitor, calibrated with an Extech 407025 photometer. Audio stimuli are presented via ultrawide dynamic range Sennheiser HD202II binaural headphones calibrated with a Sper Scientific 840018C audio meter. Collection of physiological measures are done using the BIOPAC MP160 system. The MP160 system provides high resolution (16 bit), variable sample rates for analog and calculation channels, 16 analog inputs and two analog outputs, digital I/O lines, and 16 online calculation channels. The MP160 System provides high-speed acquisition (400 kHz aggregate) via an Ethernet connection to a host computer.

AcqKnowledge, the BIOPAC control and analysis software package, is used in conjunction with Psychology Software Tools (PST) E-Prime or PsychoPy (developed at the University of Nottingham) to control the acquisition and can be used for data analysis.

Electrodermal activity is acquired using the BIOPAC EDA100C amplifier and two 6mm Ag-AgCL non-polarizable electrodes placed on either the tips of the second and third fingers or on the thenar and hypothenar eminences of the palm, depending on the requirements and placement restrictions of individual studies.

Facial electromyography is recorded using BIOPAC EMG100C amplifiers and two 3mm Ag-AgCL non-polarizable electrodes placed over the right or left zygomaticus major cheek muscle, with a third electrode applied over the ipsilateral mastoid to serve as an electrical ground. Corrugator muscle activity is acquired via two electrodes placed over the right or left corrugator supercilli muscle (small narrow pyramidal muscle at the medial end of the eyebrow beneath the frontalis and obicularis oculi). Eyeblink reflex magnitude is recorded through two electrodes placed beneath the left or right eye (lower orbicularis oculi muscle).

Electrocardiogram activity is acquired using the BIOPAC ECG100C amplifier and three Ag-AgCl lead electrodes, using Einthoven’s triangle potential measurement strategy.

Respiration data is acquired using a BIOPAC RSP100C amplifier and TSD201 respiration transducer to measure abdominal or thoracic expansion and contraction.