Newborn Follow-Up


The Waisman Center Clinics provide comprehensive clinical care and support for children with developmental disabilities and their families.

Waisman Newborn Follow Up Clinic

The Waisman Center Newborn Follow up Clinic is a partnership with UW Health and the American Family Children’s Hospital (AFCH).  Our team provides assessment, diagnostic evaluation, and treatment recommendations in order to provide families with information and supports to promote optimum development for high risk infants and toddlers.

We serve infants and toddlers with, or at risk for, developmental delays due to:

  • History of premature birth,
  • Genetic conditions,
  • Neurologic concerns, and/or
  • Significant health issues.

Priority is given to American Family Children’s Hospital and Meriter Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) graduates, with consideration given to other new patients referred before 15 months of age.


If you are interested in an appointment, please have your/your child’s primary care provider fill out a referral at  We will call you to schedule an appointment once we have processed the referral.

  • This appointment may take up to four hours, so please plan accordingly.
  • All clinic visitors should park in stalls outlined in blue and give their license plate number to the schedulers upon check-in. (See map and directions below.)
  • Your concerns: Please share any questions, concerns, special needs for you or your child and/or priorities you may have prior to the visit with our clinic nurse who can be reached 608-263-3301.
  • What to bring: Because these visits may last for a few hours, feel free to bring food/drinks (no nuts or peanuts) and a few favorite toys for your child.
  • Location: Our clinic is located on the first floor of the Waisman Center, 1500 Highland Avenue. Plan to arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Check in at the clinic reception desk located just beyond the Waisman Center’s main lobby.
  • After check in: A medical assistant or nurse will obtain your child’s length or height, weight, and head circumference. You and your child will be taken to a clinic room.
  • Team visits: Team members from a range of disciplines provide assessments over the course of the morning. Either all of the team, or part of the team, depending on your child’s needs, will evaluate your child.  Our team includes a psychologist, speech language pathologists, a physical therapist, a dietician, a social worker, and developmental pediatricians. An After Visit Summary will be provided reviewing recommendations of the team at the conclusion of the visit.
  • MD-Only visits: A developmental pediatrician will obtain a thorough health history, examine your child, discuss the evaluation, make recommendations and answer any questions.
  • The clinics are a nut-free zone.

NOTE: Full visit information will be shared in writing with you and your child’s primary health care provider, subspecialists, and others as indicated by signed release of information forms.


  • Follow infants with special needs out of the intensive care setting
  •  Offer guidance for feeding and growth problems
  •  Referral to, and coordination of, services to maximize potential
  •  Provide parents with information about early communication development and how to develop communication in the context of their relationship with their infant/baby/toddler
  •  Provide information about resources that the families can access specific to their concerns
  •  Communicate and coordinate care with members of the child’s care team
  •  Provide formal assessment for, discussion of, and support around, developmental diagnoses
  •  Acknowledge and support mental health needs of child and family
  •  Support transition from clinic as appropriate

Clinic Team

Clinic Director

Kathleen Kastner, MD

Position title: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Clinic Coordinator

Erin Thomson, MSW, LCSW

Position title: Social Worker, Parent Coach


Melisa Carrasco McCaul, MD, PhD

Position title: Neonatal Neurologist, Epileptologist

Janet M. Legare, MD

Position title: Pediatrician, Clinical Professor

Maria Stanley, MD

Position title: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Clinic Team

Allison Ackerman, MS, CCC-SLP

Position title: Speech-Language Pathologist

Jean Marie Kammer, RN

Position title: Nurse

Mary Marcus, MS, RDN, CSP, CD

Position title: Dietitian

Abby Neisius, PsyD

Position title: Psychologist

Lindsey Stanek, PT, DPT

Position title: Physical Therapist

Maps, Directions, and Parking for Clinic Visitors

Parking MapFrom the east—follow University Avenue through campus and then go off to the right on Campus Drive; stay in the right lane and turn right at the University Bay Drive/Farley Avenue intersection.

From the west—follow University Avenue and turn left at the University Bay Drive/Farley Avenue intersection. After making the turn (from either direction)... Continue straight over the hill; the road at that point becomes Highland Avenue. The Waisman Center is at the bottom of the hill on the left, across the street from UW-Children's Hospital.

PARKING: All clinic visitors should park in stalls outlined in blue and give their license plate number to the schedulers upon check-in.

ENTRANCE: Enter building in north tower at main clinics/lobby doors. Turn right and walk through lobby to clinics registration desk.

Click on map thumbnail to view larger image.

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