Rat Behavioral Tests

Rat behavioral tests offered by the Rodent Models Core are listed below. Please click the plus sign next to the test name to view additional information.

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Accelerating rotarod

The rotarod is designed to test balance and motor coordination. Animals are placed onto a horizontal rotating rod which accelerates over the course of a trial. A single trial lasts from the time the animal is placed on the rod until it falls off or until 5 minutes have elapsed. Animals can also be tested chronically to examine learning or motor degeneration.

Grip Strength

The grip strength assay uses a meter to measure forepaw strength based on force exerted to pull back a metal grid.

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Horizontal ladder

The horizontal ladder measures motor coordination and gait by observing foot placement as the rat walks across the ladder.

MotoRater Assay

This is a semi-automated system for rodent kinematic gait analysis with high sensitivity to evaluate 4 different motion modalities – over ground walking, skilled ladder walking, wading in water and swimming.

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Hot Plate

The hot plate assay measures thermal sensitivity by recording the latency to the first aversive response.