Jacob Maronge, MS

Jacob Maronge

My methodological research interests lies in the area of experimental design and longitudinal data, including under situations with biased sampling schemes, such as outcome dependent sampling. Current areas of application include communication sciences and language and speech development. In past, I have worked on non-parametric regression methods and on the analysis of brain imaging data. Personal webpage: https://jmmaronge.github.io

Home Departments: Statistics/Biostatistics and Medical Informatics

Major Professor: Paul J. Rathouz, PhD

Disciplines that I pull from in my research include: Statistics, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Communication Sciences.

Articles That Influenced My Research: 

Hustad, KD, Allison, KM, Sakash, A, McFadd E, Broman AT, Rathouz PJ. (2017). Longitudinal development of communication in children with cerebral palsy between 24 and 53 months: predicting speech outcomes. Developmental Rehabilitation, 20(6), 323-330. PMCID: PMC5409890

Rathouz, PJ, Gao, L. (2008). Generalized linear models with unspecified reference distribution. Biostatistics, 10(2), 205-218. PMCID: PMC2733172

Schildcrout, JS, Rathouz, PJ. (2010). Longitudinal studies of binary response data following case-control and stratified case-control sampling: design and analysis. Biometrics, 66, 365-373. PMCID: PMC3051172