Sally Wilmeth

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Sally Wilmeth was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She received her undergrad BA from the University of Colorado, in distributed studies in biology, chemistry and physics. She earned her MD degree at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, and completed a residency in Occupational Medicine from the UW as well. Her career as an occupational medicine physician has focused on hazardous exposures in the workplace, with work in both the private and public sectors. She currently continues to work part-time as the UW campus occupational medicine physician with her work focused on the UW research community along with exposure concerns to other campus staff and students.

Sally and her husband Terry were a Waisman Center family back in the early 1980s, as their first two children both had a progressive neurologic disorder. Their commitment to improving the life experience of individuals with disabilities, to assisting the agencies that helped them and continue to provide services to others, and to improving access to community resources, comes from their experience as a family including children who had a disability. In addition to these efforts, Sally also works on behalf of natural environment preservation, access to nature for all, and educating the next generation on the joys of the out of doors.