Throwback Thursday – April 2023

Week 14 - April 6 | Tina Iyama

Tina Iyama
#TBT – Tina Iyama-Kurtycz, MD, is a retired pediatrician who worked in the Waisman Autism and Developmental Disabilities Clinic for more than 30 years. Her expertise in developmental and behavioral pediatrics helped many families navigate a diagnosis and treatment plan for a broad range of intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Learn more about Tina’s incredible contributions to the Waisman community here:…/after-decades-of…/

Week 15 - April 13 | Rita Hohlstein

Rita Hohlstein Rita Hohlstein Rita Hohlstein
#TBT – Rita Hohlstein, MS, OTR, was a clinical associate professor and occupational therapist for the University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at the Waisman Center. For more than 35 years she displayed leadership in creating, implementing, and sustaining interdisciplinary training and clinical service programs at the Waisman Center and Waisman Center Clinics. She helped train clinicians, educators, and administrators who worked to improve the quality of life of individuals with disabilities and their families. #Waisman50years
Photo 1: Rita Holstein, MS, OTR, Photo 2: 2007 – awarded the Meritorious Service Award from Association of University Centers on Disabilities, Photo 3: 1983 – Rita featured in “From Research to Practice”, Photo 4: with students at the Waisman Center.

Week 16 - April 20 | WECP - Early Images

Early image from the WECP Early image from the WECP
#TBT – In 1979 the Waisman Center opened the Waisman Early Childhood Program, a model school for children with diverse developmental needs. One-third of the enrollment is reserved for children with developmental disabilities. #Waisman50years

Week 17 - April 27 | Clinic Services / Stanley Berlow

Stanley Berlow, MD Renata Laxova, MD Stanley Berlow, MD
Patients and families visit clinical services Patients and families visit clinical services
#TBT – Clinical services were initiated in 1970 in rental space near campus. Stanley Berlow, MD, was medical director of those clinics, which utilized—then, as today—a multidisciplinary team approach. The clinics moved to the new Waisman Center building in 1973. #Waisman50years
Photo 1: Stanley Berlow, MD. Photo 2: Renata Laxova, MD, with a patient. Photo 3: Stanley Berlow, MD, with a young patient. Photos 4 and 5: Patients and families visit clinical services.