Paul Shattuck, Waisman Graduate Research Assistant, to Receive ISP Award

Paul Shattuck, Waisman graduate research assistant and doctoral student in social welfare, received the national award in the Influencing State Policy 2003 contest for doctoral students. Influencing State Policy (ISP) assists social work faculty and students in learning to effectively influence the formation, implementation, and evaluation of state-level policy and legislation. Shattuck won the award for his leadership role in helping to restore state funding for a Medicaid benefit that pays for intensive in-home intervention for approximately 1,000 children with autism-a program that had been slated for elimination in the governor’s proposed budget. An effective campaign was led through the combined efforts of parents, the Autism Society of Wisconsin (of which Shattuck serves on the board of directors), disability advocates and service providers. Shattuck was one of several people who helped lead and coordinate these activities, among them Liz Hecht, coordinator of the Family Support Initiative at the Waisman Center.

“I am very grateful for this award,” says Shattuck. “Many other leaders emerged on this issue and the victory rightfully belongs to all who worked so hard. The issue simultaneously highlighted the vulnerability of the fragile web of services for children with disabilities and the potential power of people working together to achieve progressive social change.”

Shattuck will receive $250 and an engraved plaque from ISP during an awards ceremony at The Policy Conference in Charleston, S.C. in August.

Influencing State Policy (ISP) was formed in March 1997 in Chicago by 30 social workers/educators. The goal of ISP is to increase Social Work efficacy in influencing state-level policy and legislation. Membership is open to anyone who wishes to participate in the committee’s goals and activities. Their Web site is