Clinical Translational Core Policies

Acknowledgement of Support

All Waisman Center IDDRC Principal Investigators are expected to acknowledge their Waisman Center IDDRC affiliation and their use of Waisman Center Cores in all published papers.

For example: “This study was supported in part by a core grant to the Waisman Center from the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (P50HD105353).”

Charging/Payment Process

CTC services are charged directly to project accounts, typically on a monthly basis as service is provided. Validation of payment (i.e., a valid, non‐expired grant number) is typically determined at the point of service. Investigators may contact Pao Lee to request automated email receipts that detail individual charges as they are processed.

Testing Room Reservations

An online reservation is required prior to using a testing space and physical access is provided via KeyWatcher. CTC testing room users are provided with accounts in the Waisman Center behavioral testing room and/or eye tracking lab reservation calendars, as appropriate. It is the responsibility of each project to manage their own reservations. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and should allow enough time to set-up and tear-down for a testing session. All cancellations must be made in the booking system by project staff prior to the reservation start time. Cancellations after the reservation start time are not allowed. Any and all time that is reserved by a project in the booking calendar will be charged accordingly.

The testing rooms are shared resources that serve to support several investigators. We depend on all users to help us keep them in good order. After each session, project staff are to tidy the space and return furniture to its original location. Projects may not leave equipment and supplies in testing rooms between sessions.  Requests to store equipment and supplies in a testing room are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Research Registry Recruitment

A completed request form is required to process a research registry search. Requests for custom selection criteria that are beyond the scope of a basic search, as defined in the request form, will be discussed on an individual basis prior to execution. Additional fees may apply for customized searches. At the end of recruitment, each project is responsible for providing a final participant status for each registrant to the CTC Research Coordinator. Under no circumstances can a project share names obtained from a research registry list with another project.

Price Estimates

The CTC maintains a schedule and description of Services and Rates. If requested, an estimate for the cost of service(s) will be provided to investigators prior to the start of any project.

Letters of Support

The CTC can provide letters of support for use of our services for the purposes of grant and IRB applications. Please submit requests to the CTC Research Coordinator at


We invite investigators to provide feedback directly to CTC staff regarding satisfaction with the final product and services. Feedback about our services can also be provided by completing the annual Waisman Center User Survey that is distributed by Waisman Center Administration each fall.