Clinical Translational Core Rates

The Waisman Center offers its investigators some level of subsidy on project accounts, depending on the grant sponsor and whether or not the grant is administered by the Waisman Center.  The rates below are available for subsidy unless otherwise noted. If you have any questions regarding the services, please contact If you have any questions regarding your project’s subsidy, please contact Jody Bleck.

Project Consultation
Coordination of research in Waisman Center Clinics or WECP
Assistance with IRB protocols as they pertain to CTC services
Computer programming
Database development and maintenance
Database hosting
Equipment and technical support consultation
Eye-tracking consultation
Participant Recruitment
Recruitment from Waisman Center Clinics or WECP
Research Registry Recruitment
Infant & Child Registry $120/basic searcha + $5/nameb
Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Registry $240/basic searcha + $25/namec
Fragile X Syndrome Registry send inquiry
K-12 Registry $240/basic searcha + $10/namec
Testing Space Rental
Hourly $20/hour
Monthly $500/monthd
Eye-tracking lab
Observation and testing rooms
Sound attenuation booths
Psychological Testing & Supervision
Assessment administration, scoring, interpretation
Clinical/diagnostic interviewing/screening
Assessment and intervention training
Protocol and project development
Psychological consultation
Graduate student psychological services supervision
Data Analysis
Statistical consulting
Assessment Library Rental $25/week or $10/day
Database Hosting
Storage on a secure virtual machine
Waisman Biomanufacturing send inquiry

a Additional service fees may apply for customized searches. b Limit of 100 names/search. c Limit of 40 families/search. d Rate not available for subsidy.