hPSC Services

The Waisman Center hPSC Service derives hPSC lines for the benefit of stem cell researchers at UW-Madison and beyond.

The development of CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing has altered how stem cell science is done.This technology allows quick and efficient generation of transgenic or isogenic lines for nearly unlimited research purposes that have previously been unfeasible. The Human Stem Cell Gene Editing Service CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing in human pluripotent stem cells.

While we believe every researcher should have access to this technology, individual labs should not have to adopt the technology to reap the rewards. As a core service, we will serve as the experts in generating cell lines so labs can focus on addressing underlying scientific questions.

Further Information and Service Requests

hPSC Services

  • 6 iPSC clones from each starting sample
  • Mycoplasma testing of initial samples and resultant clones
  • Frozen vials of resultant clones
  • Stem cell marker immunofluorescence
  • WiCell characterization that includes research banking, STR analysis and karyotyping is available to UW researchers

Gene Editing Services

  • Gene mutation correction/induction
  • Endogenous site reporter insertion
  • Safe harbor site reporter insertion
  • Lineage-tracing dual insertion
  • Custom gene editing projects

hPSCs Culture  Training

  • Medium preparation
  • Matrigel coating
  • Cryo-recovery, maintenance, passage, and cryo-preservation of hPSCs