Ashley Kuhl, MS, CGC

Position title: Genetic Counselor

Ashley Kuhl, MS, CGC


Ashley Kuhl, MS, CGC, is a genetic counselor in the Biochemical and Medical Genetics Clinics. She provides support, care coordination and genetic counseling for individuals and families with, or suspected of having, inherited diseases. She provides mentorship and teaching support to the UW Genetic Counselor Training Program, UW Medical School and MCH LEND Program.

Kuhl works closely with the Plain Clothes Communities in Wisconsin and is involved in the Amish Project, which provides genetic testing and improves newborn screening awareness to Plain Clothes families. This project is a collaboration of several UW and local healthcare providers and is funded through a Wisconsin Partnership Program grant.


Professional Certifications and Education

  • MS, Medical Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BS, Genetics, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • American Board of Genetic Counseling

Department Affiliation

Selected Publications